Thursday, July 12, 2007

Football Recruitin'

Huge news on the Michigan football front, so I'll just get right to it...

Steve Threet, basically a four star QB recruit from '07 (you know the guys who are going to freshman in the fall), spent a semester at Georgia Tech and has decided he no likey it there. He's transferring to Michigan, will sit out this coming season, and probably be locked in a heated battle with The Ryan Mallett for the starting QB spot after Henne graduates.

Onto Nick Perry, a defensive end from Detroit. For weeks now it looked like MIchigan had no shot at him, he was going to be that one uber talented player in the state to foolishly choose Michigan State over the mighty Wolverines. But news just in from the Rivals guys, specifically this guy Michael Spath who I covered hockey with, Nick Perry is quoted on the record as saying he "will be making his committment to Michigan soon".

That means we have basically locked up every single uber talented football recruit from the state of Michigan. Suck on that Sparty! This class of 2009 (the one after I graduate) is stacking up to be another top-10 class and maybe, just maybe a top fiver.

Now if we can get Lloyd to just do a semi-decent job of coaching, this team should be in the National Championship. That's right, a Michigan pessimist like myself is saying the words National Championship in the same sentence with Lloyd...but he can't have his head stuck up his ass during any point of the season (he's had trouble with this in the past).

A couple good recruits isn't gonna stop the Lloyd bashing. One decent season can't erase the horribility of 2005.

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