Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"These Girls Rock"...I think not

Got the opportunity to catch the fever this yesterday...the LPGA fever. I was in New Rochelle, NY covering the Women's World Match Play Championships for Metro. I was forced to break my promise of never attending a women's sporting event, but atleast I didn't really have to watch any golf. I was mainly in the media tent complaining about how bored I was to people on AIM.

So their motto at the LPGA is "These Girls Rock" so I figured I had to get a good sense of whether this was legit or just false advertising. The first woman up to the podium was Se Ri Pak. And that's all I got. See, she bored the hell out of me. My assignment was to write a little thing on this girl Brittany Lincicome, an American 21-year-old...just like me. I asked Se Ri about her and she gave some bland quote that I didn't really give two shits about.

But back to Lincicome...she had a little press conference later in the day. I saw her picture and thought she was kinda attractive, but then when I saw her in person she was just okay. But she seemed like a really nice girl. Her favorite athlete was Derek Jeter, and I explained to her about how one of my good friends also loves Jeter like there's no tomorrow. And then I asked her what sort of music she was into and her answer shocked the hell outta me.

This is Brittany. She was ok.

She's a Sister Hazel fan. I just couldn't let this go so I explained to her that Sister Hazel played the backyard of my friend's fraternity at Maryland and that this can't actually be her favorite band. She gave me this look, and I knew she thought I was flirting with her, which may or may not have been the case. So then she tells me "well I also like a lot of Jessica Simpson's stuff".

I gave an awkward laugh and ended the interview because I had everything I needed and any ounce of respect I had for women's golf had been thrown out the window with her music preferences. And seriously, if you ever get presented with the opportunity to experience the excitement of LPGA golf...don't be a fool and actually go. It's not fun and the women are boring.For God's sake, most people won't watch golf unless Tiger Woods is in contention. In the LPGA, he's never, ever in contention and there's no John Dalys to idolize either.

This picture sums up his genius.

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