Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here's to you...Fernando Vina

I just had to get this one off my chest. Myself, Graham and Greg were watching Baseball Tonight and we had the distinct pleasure of hearing the verbal skillfulness of the one, the only, Fernando Vina. And by skillfulness I actually mean the verbal mouth vomit of nothingness. I just thought ESPN should know that they probably pay Vina a six-figure salary to remind us that the guy we're watching highlights of is "quite the player". NO shit he's good, he's in the Major Leagues. I mean the man literally has nothing useful to say. And when he does speak he just sort of does a little play-by-play of the highlight. "Oh this is a great play" or "oh this one really changed the game for em" is not analysis. They are highlights! Of course they were important or great that's why they are the HIGHLIGHTS.

In addition, Vina stutters a ton, which in other walks of life is totally fine by me, but you're on TELEVISION. People on television are being counted on to deliver the message (whether it's politics or sports or entertainment) to the people. But if you stumble and bumble, maybe you should be a writer instead.

Graham was the first one to clue me into the studpidity and babbling nonsense that defines the work of Fernando Vina and once you actually listen to the guy it is just unbelievable that ESPN hasn't locked him up in Siberia (or atleast switched him over to ESPNU or 360 or something.

Fernando, for the love of God, please just end this tragic experiment that is your television career. You were a solid second baseman, let's leave our relationship there.

Stop it! Just stop ruining Baseball Tonight.

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