Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Preakness Post

To say this year's Preakness was craziness would have been an understatement. I wrote about it in Monday's Daily as you can see from the link in the pre-Preakness post, but I don't think it begins to explain just how insane the whole weekend was. I figured this year's edition would have some awards rather than simply recap what went occurred. It all started on a Thursday and it went down hill from there:

The Someone Mistook me For a Hispanic Award
This one is for a certain girl who on Thursday night was mistakenly identified as being Latino by a random person at a bar. And it wasn't DiFazio. See, on Thursday night a bunch of us went into downtown Bethesda and got wasted. At said bar, I saw this kid who I used to play soccer with back in the day. He's from Argentina and instantly took a liking to this certain someone who isn't actually Latino. He was kind of creepy and went up to me later in the night, and whispered in my ear "Who is the tall one?" like he wanted to murder her or something. SO who was this girl? Well it was Becca and after asking her if she was interested, I told the creepy dude she had a boyfriend.

The I'm Too Cool For School Award
This one is a no brainer. My little bro Jeff ran away with this. My parents didn't want him drinking period, let alone on a school night, so he "went to bed" at 10pm. Little did I know, but he set his alarm for 1am, so he could wake up and late night with all of us. The kid delivered too. He got thoroughly shitfaced from 1am-330ish even though he had a test in World Studies the next morning.

Laammmmeee Award
We should just rename this the Justin Michael Reagan Memorial Award because he just outdoes himself everytime. On Thursday night, while on a vacation from school, he decided not to come to the bar with everyone else and instead cuddle at Chod's house.

The Unnecessary Yelling Award
This one was an easy one to hand out. While everyone else was recovering from a long day of drinking in the sun once we got home from Pimlico, Hyatt decided to take it up a notch. See he decided it was a genius idea to pound Red Bulls along with his beers. He proceeded to call Brad a caveman for awhile before eventually heading to the bars for Kyle's birthday. He also determined, to nobody's delight, that Brad survived on three essential things: Meat, Beer and Shelter. I'm pretty sure you had to be there to understand how annoying/hilarios this whole situation was.

The Jason Magro Smells of Excellence Award
I don't know if anyone smelled Brad after Preakness, but if they did it probably meant they had to take a few steps back after doing so. Kid just smelled awful.

That's all I got, I've been real busy getting ready to move to New York, so the posts have been few and far between lately. I should be up and running by the middle of next week and blogging like I used to.

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