Friday, May 18, 2007


It's finally arrived. The horse race none of us actually watch but go to anyways because we get to pay 45 dollars so we can drink large quantities of alcohol in a giant field.

Preakness, it's a beautiful thing. Obviously the race hasn't happened yet, but I had a free moment here to update everyone on what's been going on lately. I've got a ton of friends in town, all here to enjoy the fruits of uninhibited drinking. Last night we made our way to Bethesda for some bar action where it was a sort of reunion after a semester abroad for many. I've been running around all over Maryland trying to keep up with everyone whose in town. I literally think I've promised over 20 people to sleep at my house and am just now realizing the painful consequences. Tomorrow we leave for Pimlico at around 9am and I'll definitely have a post about this whole thing up on Monday or something. I've also got a column in Monday's Daily about what it's like to attend a Triple Crown Race.

And to Pete and Graham...ummmm...If I were in Dallas right now I would probably try and make my way over to Texas Stadium, break in, and take vomit on each and every star on the turf. Then I would stand under the opening of their roof and proudly sing 'Hail to the Redskins' with my hands wide apart a la Terrell Owens (in a cocky way like when he played for the Niners, not how he does it now).

Loud and proud, just like in the picture

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