Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Michigan Football Reunion

So this past weekend, the 1997 Co-National Champion Michigan Wolverines had their 10-year reuinion with a charity golf tournament at the U-M Golf Course. A lot of the big names were there including Brian Griese, Steve Hutchinson, Charles Woodson, Jon Jansen, and Anthony Thomas. But the biggest name of them all, Tom Brady, trumped them all. Yes, obviously his career in the NFL is probably better than anyone who ever played on that particular team, but that wasn't why he trumped them this weekend. Apparently, big Tom brought his girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, along for the festivities. That doesn't even begin to go into detail about how his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, is currently pregant with Brady's kid.

But whatever, back to Gisele. Apparently everyone there was just dropping their jaws at the sight of her and the fact that the guy who was the backup QB on that national title team is pulling by far the best ass out of all of them. They shouldn't feel that bad though because, let's be honest with ourselves here, Brady is probably pulling better ass right now that 99 percent of the world. Oh yeah, so after the charity golf tournament there was a big private party at Studio.

Smokin' Hot

Don't get me started on why these former Michigan athletes love Studio so much, but they do. I mean for God's sake, you make millions of dollars. There are better places in Ann Arbor to party. Seriously though, people in SAE think Studio is crap and these pro athletes just love the place. Remember back when the Super Bowl was in Detroit a couple years ago, former Michigan cornerback Marlin Jackson reserved the place for the Colts if they happened to make and win the Super Bowl. But then Big Ben made that miraculous trip on the INT in the AFC Championship Game. That's what you get for planning a party at Studio. Wait a minute, it just hit me: maybe these guys love the Jewish sorority girls because those are about the only people I know who are frequent Studio goers. That's the only sane explanation to me.

I'm definitely going to have the Preakness recap post up tomorrow. So much went on that it's taking me awhile to write the thing.

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Tammy said...

Yeh, it's all about the "big" man himself, isn't it? The high and mighty(according to him)Tom Brady. Couldn't bother to stick around for the charity portion of the festivities. NO, cos then it wouldn't have been all about him, like at the party. In case the other guys didn't catch on...that was all a little something called "pay back time" from Brady. He wasn't the star QB in '97, was he? But he is now. AND he has the top supermodel out there on his arm and in his bed. That was Brady's rendition of flippin the bird at them all. And the fact that the men in attendance couln't take their eyes off Gisele was just iceing on the cake. And I bet the spectacular show he put on kept even one single person in the room from having the guts to being up Bridget Moynahan and their baby that's due soon. Old Brady can pretty much get away with whatever he wants, can't he? Anyway, here's a link for those of you who are interested in seeing what mainstream America really thinks of Brady and his bad acts. There are over 2000 posts to this blog site.