Monday, July 14, 2008

The slowest day in sports

It's the All-Star break in baseball, which officially means there are no major leagues playing games today. It is the most retarded (look it up, it literally means slow) day in sports. To be fair, there are some interesting dilemmas going on in other sports like the Brett Favre saga or the he said, she said game being played by Elton Brand, his agent David Falk, and Mike Dunleavy. I dare you to guess who the girl is.

With no sports going on, let's head down Eliot Spitzer Lane. I just got back from a pre-trial hearing for the receptionist of the Emperer's Club, the prostitution ring that former New York governor Eliot Spitzer was embroiled with. And by embroiled, I actually mean he was getting hotel rooms in DC and then having sex with prostitutes courtesy of the Emperor's Club (and maybe government money).

Let's ignore the fact that I got so lost and convoluted in the federal courthouse trying to figure where this hearing was taking place, and go straight ahead to what this woman got charged with. Not aiding in prostitution or anything clearly illegal like that. No, this woman is apparently accepting a plea bargain where she will plead guilty to conspiracy to violate THE TRAVEL ACT.

Tanya Hollander, fan of kitty cats and conspiring to violate arcane travel laws.

As soon as her lawyer said that, I nearly burst out in laughter. The things these lawyers do for their clients. A woman who worked for a multi-state prostitution ring violated the Travel Act, involving commerce over state lines. She'll probably just get probation. I wonder if she'll rat out Spitzer.

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