Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gilbert is at it again

I've been trying to avoid regularly posting about the habits of Gilbert Arenas for some time now, since I've gotten some comments about my unhealthy obsession with the man. But I couldn't resist once I saw pictures of $1 million pool in the 'burbs of DC. Work is still underway. The pics are all courtesy of the DC Sports Bog.

The stone for this "mountain" apparently cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000.

These are pictures of Gilbert's Playboy Mansion-style grotto and what I'm presuming is the basement or "chill" area to said mountain grotto. It will contain three gigantic fish tanks, and the chill area will have a set-up so Gilbert can lean back on a couch and look at his fish tanks.

This really makes me want to be rich, or if that can't happen, at least be invited to a pool party at Gilbert's house. And if that can't happen, I'd settle for being the lifeguard at one of those pool parties. The only question I have is what kind of pumps are running this bad bay?

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