Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At least he read my story

So I have a google alert for my own name, meaning every time something is posted on the internet with my name attached, I receive an email telling me what website it's from. Usually I receive a few a day, depending on how many people link one of my stories, and ordinarily it's at relatively minor websites or blogs.

Well today I had a story about a McCain function specifically for NY Democrats. And to my great pleasure, it was linked on some blog.

Except this blog linked the article as its misleading story of the day. Here's why:

Roberta Weisbrod is a lovely woman, who makes her living consulting on maritime and other economic development issues. Her husband, Federal Judge David Trager, is a Republican, or at least was when Republican President Gerald Ford made him a United States Attorney, at the behest of Republican Senator Jacob Javits.

Ms. Weisbrod’s 1992 work for Clinton preceded by about one year the appointment of her husband as one the few Republicans Clinton elevated to the federal bench.

This is not to question Ms. Weisbrod's sincerity, but rather the Sun's. Full disclosure would be nice next time, guys.

My take ... I was the best at something today, whether it's for misleading people or quality work.

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