Monday, September 17, 2007

Maybe it was the Boone's Farm

Oh that victory was so sweet this past weekend. 38-0.

It was so bad that my professor for history of college sports thought the Michigan high school state champion in football this year would beat the Irish. I want to be optimistic about Michigan's season and say that this win will catapult them to a Big Ten title, but then I start thinking about just how bad Notre Dame looked. Say all you want about the Wolverines getting back on track, but they essentially beat one of the worst teams in college football. Seriously, if you look at the Irish's schedule it is very conceivable for them to be 0-8 heading into their ninth game. It doesn't get easier for them, that's for sure.

Rumor has it that Jimmy's older bro, former Tennessee QB Casey Claussen, was in town and absolutely hammered drunk outside Rick's on Friday night.

The only thing different about Michigan in this game was the fact that I pregamed with Boone's Farm wine (God's gift to people trying to get messed up quickly). Speaking of the pregame, I got blackout and don't really remember much of the game. But I do recall Jimmy Claussen running around his own backfield like a kid trying to run away from security at a mall after shoplifting from Abercrombie or something. Another thing I liked was was the Gibbs offense Michigan decided to run with young Mallett in. Hart had 35 carries, backup RB Brandon Minor had another 17 and Mallett only threw 15 passes.

Speaking of Gibbs...I'm going with a big 20-17 victory for the Skins tonight, effectively destroying the soul of all Eagles fans. By the way, they are calling this a must win up I-95 in the worst sports town in America (obviously my opinion here).

For some weird reason, I've got this feeling that Brandon Lloyd is going to make some huge catch in tonight's game. I really have no explanation for it except that I just read Mike Wise's column about him.

And every decent journalist knows that when you bash a guy right before a game, he usually comes out and does something to make said journalist look like a moron, even though he/she really isn't. Watch tonight...Lloyd, who has probably been the biggest disappointment since Gibbs came back to coach, will make a couple nice grabs and then in his postgame comments blame the media for dogging him all the time. But in reality they were dogging him because the Skins gave him 10 million guaranteed and he's had about as much impact on the team as the guy who brings the water out to the offensive lineman during TV timeouts. But out for B Lloyd tonight.

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