Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 Things I Need to Say

Alright so I've been trying to think of a succinct way to get my thoughts down on this blog in a creative manner. I'm talking creative in a funny sense while also being easy for me to write. So in the spirit of Peter King's 10 Things I Think I Think over at si.com...I have come up with 5 Things I Need to Say:

Subject No. 1: The Washington Redskins lose to the Giants, 24-17

1. I have been trying to figure out a reason why Clinton Portis, a running back the Skins gave up a 1st round draft pick and a future Hall of Famer (Champ Bailey) for, wasn't on the field when the ball was on the one-yard line with the game on the line. If anyone has an answer for me (cough cough, that's you Joe Gibbs/Al Saunders), it'd be delightful. Skins should be 3-0 and it sickens me that they aren't

2. Because they have no trust in JC, the Skins offense is stagnant as hell. 1st down, run. 2nd down, run. 3rd down, pass. It gets real predictable. After watching three games, it's easy to see Campbell has potential, so let him sling it on some non-passing situations. I'm not saying abandon the run game, just emphasize it in different situations. The key is to keep the defense off balance.

3. I have a bad feeling CPort is gonna start to sulk if this whole benching him in crunch time thing continues.

4. Unlike the Eagles, I did enjoy the throwbacks. Might have to pick up a Marcus Washington version of those suckers.

5. Why would you throw it to Mike Sellers instead of Chris Cooley at the goalline. Doesn't make sense, in fact nothing about the three plays they ran from the one made much sense.

You can tell the media all you want that "you loved Ladell in that situation". I'm not gonna buy it because if Gibbs is the coach I think he is, he has to realize that you pay CPort the big bucks to get big TDs like that.

Subject No. 2: General NFl Thoughts
1) Ummm...I think Dallas is good...DAMN!

2) When all is said and done, the AFC South will end up as a the toughest division in football. Indy, Jacksonville, Houston and Tennessee are all great or atleast good.

3) The Steelers look good because they seem like they can play Gibbs football better than Gibbs' team. The only way to combat tough offenses like Indy's and NE's is to keep them off the field with long, grind it out drives.

4) I'm not sure whether to be happy about this or not but the NFC is literally there for the taking. Right now there's Dallas and everyone else, even though Green Bay is 3-0 too. I can see the Skins winning on any given Sunday. The only problem is that this weekend illustrated that they can lose every weekend too.

5) I would feel bad for LT and Shawne Merriman right now, but then I start to think about Norv Turner and how he robbed me of seven years of being a fan. This is what you get for starting 1996 7-1 and ending 8-7-1. Oh yeah and let's not forget 2000's 6-2 start only to end up 8-8. You deserve to go 0-16 Norv "I must have had an assload of acne back in the day" Turner.

Look at his neck. It's just repulsive.

Subject No. 3: MLB Playoff Race
1) For some reason I want to see AROD have a monster postseason and then command 325 million in the offseason. I just want to see if anyone bites and takes him at some ridiculously absurd price.

2) The Angels play a postseason style of baseball every game, and it's why I'm not picking the Yanks in the division series agianst them (unless of course the Yanks catch the BoSox in the next week, in which case the BoSox would face the Angels). You can't rely on the long ball come October because the pitching tightens up. You have to count on stolen bases, hit and runs, and bunts...all things the Angels do well.

3) I don't know if you noticed...but all of my predictions from a month ago were on the money.

4) I still have no idea what to think of the DBacks. They could either be the greatest collection of nobodies to win a World Series or they could be a division series sweep waiting to happen. I thought this team would die after June and they haven't yet. So why would they die now?

5) I want the Mets to hold on because it isn't the playoffs without Pedro.

A perfect example of why Pedro needs to be pitching in October.

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