Thursday, June 15, 2006

Weekend in Philly

It's been real busy for the last week, with work and an eventul visit to Philadelphia. Randy came back from his trip around the world and decided to have party to celebrate. So naturally, I decided to go up for the weekend.

The weekend got off to a good start on FRiday night, when we went to this Italian place in the Italian Market part of Philly. We walked in, and it looked like a hole in the wall. But as I passed by other people eating the food looked legit. Later that night, Randy told us a story about his escapades in Amsterdam. It was definitely something I would imagine one George Gopoaian doing if he ever graced the great city in the Netherlands. And that is meant as a compliment.

Other higlights include:
1) Rob realizing that Providence is not in fact a major city, but is actually only a half-step higher than Grand Rapids on the city scale.
2) Rob realizing that Philly has a lot of black people
3) The Rios making an appearance at 6pm
4) Paul imitating Randy's Dad to try and get the Rios to let us in a room
5) Pot with Randy's Mom/Randy's Mom's friend
6)Making fun of Matt Walsh for wearing socks with sandals (what a weirdo)
7) Once again witnessing that because Rob has been sharpied so many times in his life, he has become immune to all markers, permanent or not.

Definitely worth the visit and it was good to see Randy again. Hopefully I won't wait forever to write again.

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