Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Job is Easy

So i was sitting in my basement watching this pretty cool documentary on John Denver, and I started to think about what a great life he led up until his tragic death. The man did what he loved (make music) , and did it with his best friend (his guitar). And then I began to think about how much I've been enjoying this summer so far due to the lack of stress involved with managing a pool. I am literally paid 12 dollars an hour to sit in the sun, get a nice tan, and give orders to people. Other than having to work all the time, I don't really do anything of consequence. The most stressful my job gets is when the health inspector comes to the pool and is technically allowed to shut us down is we violate the county code. But think about it, the health inspector shuts us down for a couple minutes. That just means people can't go in the pool, which makes them more inclined to leave the pool, which makes my job even easier.

And when that inspector did come the other day, my pool was fine, and I even got back at the snack bar people in the process. So, the other day when it was extremely hot out, I went into the snack bar to relax because they have air conditioning in there. But, as I sat there relaxing, this girl, who seriously looks like a donkey, and happens to run the cash register at the sncak bar, snaps at me to get out. I give her the glare because technically she isnt my boss. I don't say anything back and continue to sit on a stool directly in front of the AC. All the while, this jackass (get it) is glaring at me with an extremely cold stare. After I was sufficiently cooled off from the blistering heat I went back to work business as usual. Except deep inside I knew I had to get revenge for this slight on her part.

I got my perfect opportunity a few days later when this inspector made his monthly rounds. And while I took readings of the chlorine in the pool, I asked this inspector, "SO what kind of inspection does the snack bar have to go through?" And he answered with, "Well I normally do snack bars and pools at separate times, but why do you ask? Is there something fishy going on in there?" I shot back innocently, "No, not really." And after my pool passed inspection the inspector told me he was just going to check up on the snack bar and the donkey girl before he left. His surprise visit resulted in the snack bar closing for about a half hour and this girl getting bitched out.

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