Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fight Night

Tonight, I watched the Jermain Taylor-Winky Wright fight on HBO. Definitely the best fight I've witnessed live. I've obviously seen some good stuff from back in the day, but never anything as it was going on. I was watching with Matt, and after the fight each of us had a different winner. I saw Taylor winning the fight, because even though he didn't necessarily land as many punches, the punches he landed did way more damage. Quality over quantity. WHile Matt had Wright as the winner. And he had a point as well. There were large portions of the fight where Winky dominated the pace with sharp, but short jabs and quick counter punching at Taylor. Overall, just a great show of sport at its core.

But, what really got me about this thing was the decision. Obviously, a bout so closely contested went the whole 12 rounds, so it went to the judges' scoreacrds. And it was ruled a tie by the judges. I will tell you that this fight deserved to have a winner. After laying it all out on the line like Taylor and Wright did, one man should have walked away as winner. And if you look at the judges scorecards, they saw the fight in the same way Matt and me did. Chuck Giampa scored it 115-113 in favor of Taylor, while Ray Hawkins scored it 115-113 in favor of Wright. The wild card was the third judge. HER name was Melvina Lathan. Please note that she is a female. She scored it 114-114. A draw. She couldn't make a decision. Shocker.

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