Thursday, June 29, 2006

NBA Draft

It always falls on a night where I have to work a B meet but it never fails to be the best night of draft television. The NFl Draft is good, but it doesn't even come close to the NBA Draft. And every year I usually end up listening to most of the first round on the radio because I'm working at some pool's swim meet. So, this year I settled down into my chaise lounge chair with the radio blaring, and little kids swimming freestyle and I came up with these observations...

I really wanted this Bornani guy from Italy to be extremely cocky during his post-selection interviews. Something along the lines of the interviewer going, "Andrea, how do u think you compare to Dirk?" And Andrea answering, "Dirk is a bum. He wasn't even picked top-10. I put Dirk to shame."

On the radio, they have Fred Carter, Doug Gottlieb, and Will Perdue (yeah the back-up center from those Bulls teams) doing the analysis of each pick. Here's my problem with this. If anyone watched NBA matchup on Sunday mornings back in the day or NBA 2Night way back you will remember Carter. He's the guy who always had that goofy ass smile on his face and when he was signing off the air he would point at the camera and then do a shooting motion with his hands. Well, the entire time he was talking I could not get the image out of my head. And then you've got Doug Gottlieb naysaying every god damn player. I know he played at Oklahoma State, but if he were in the gym at the Potomac Community Center, he wouldn't stand out from the rest of the scrawny, slick-shooting Jews.

I didn't think the Knicks could live up to the type of idiocy that people were predicting before the draft. I mean the way Isaiah has run that team the past few years is something that will be remembered in NBA lore. I didn't think things could get worse for them....but then they picked Renaldo Blackmon. Did you notice that all of his highlights were from the NIT Final against Michigan. Because that was the only game he put up 20 and 10 all year. Not to mention he's a 6'5 power forward. And i didn't really see anything reminiscent of Sir Charles in any of those clips. There was so much pressure on the KNicks to do something horrendous in the draft that I didn't think it was possible for them to live up to the "hype".

Michael Jordan said in an interview that he thought the fact that Adam Morrison cried after losing in the NCAA Tournament showed his true passion for the game, and that he cared. Well, that may be true Mike, but we all know if he played for the BUlls and fucking cried you would have taken him out to the parking lot and made his ass really cry.

Don't you think it's kind of awkward how everything the guys on ESPN are saying during the draft goes out to the entire Madison Square Garden Theater? It's like saying some girl is a slut when she's right around the corner.

Kevin Pittsnogle went undrafted and unless he does something miraculous in a summer league or something along those lines, we may never see the phenomenon that is the 'Snogle ever again. I'm gonna miss the redneck tattoos, toothy grin, and big ass ears.

Why the fuck does Stephen A. Smith talk so loudly even when he's saying absolutely nothing? I still don't understand the logic of replacing him with DAvid Aldridge a few years back. Aldridge was the Gammons of the NBA. And now he's relegated to sideline duty for TNT. Bring back DA!

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