Monday, June 05, 2006

HBO Sunday Nights

Since I left for college, I had been unable to keep track of certain show on television for an entire season. With the inconsistent scheduling of school, and nightly stuff it was next to impossible to watch a show and not miss a single week. But, there is still a few shows that I have to watch every week and I continue to do so to this day. And they are all on HBO. Entourage, Big Love, Sopranos. Three of my all-time favorite shows. My Sunday nights are set in stone these days. Big Love just finished up tonight. I was a little disappointed with the finale, but it did set up for an interesting second season. And the much-anticipated Entourage premiere comes next Sunday. I have a weird feeling that season number three will be unable to live up to the hype that season two deservedly gave it. But, who knows? That's what is so great about HBO.

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