Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Addition to the Michigan Shit List

Well, if the past three Michigan basketball games haven't proven my prior post concerning the team correct, I don't know what will convince you. A road loss to Illinois, a home loss to Ohio State, and an away from home clobbering at the hands of Penn State last night doesn't bury Big Blue's tourney chances, but I don't see how it bodes well for them. The bottom line is you don't hear about too many teams that start one player over 6-feet-4 a making it to post season play all that often. Opposing teams in the Big Ten are beginning to take advantage of this fact.

See, it has been interior players that have torn Michigan a new one of late. Most people kind of shrugged away losing Ekpe Udoh to transfer in the offseason as just another Beilein system related defection that would ultimately be nullified. Well, watching guys like the Illini's MIke Tisdale (24 points), teh Buckeyes' B.J. Mullins (15 points), and Penn State's Jamelle Cornley (17 points) tear this defense a new one, I think it's safe to say we miss big Ekpe.

Speaking of B.J. Mullins, he has officially entered the annoying Ohio State player realm that most Buckeye stars inevitably enter. I was watching his team get beat up by Illinois last night and after making his first basket of the game (10 minutes in might I add) to help the Buckeyes pull within a whopping 12 points, he made the whole "silencing the crowd" motion with his finger all while sporting one of those "so cocky I want to slap him in the face" looks, which obviously got a wide chorus of boos in Champaign.

It got me to do some digging into this fool, and courtesy of a Michigan Daily blog post I found this interesting youtube video that I think any self-respecting Michigan fan who has hate for Ohio State must watch:

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