Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting Used to the Cards, Brenda Warner

I must admit, it's still shocking for me to utter the phrase "NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals" even after they somehow maneuvered their way through — pretty convincingly I might add — the playoffs and into Super Bowl lore as the most unexpected participant in the big game ever.

But the more and more I pay attention to them, the more and more I think I'm gonna hop on the bandwagon the next couple of weeks. For me, they've got the whole local angle going. First, there's Tim Hightower, a Waldorf, MD native who played his high school football at Episcopal High School in Alexandria — a school I just so happen to cover on a regular basis.

There's also Darnell Dockett, who used to tear up Montgomery County competition when he was in high school playing for Paint Branch before his days at Florida State. Throw in a team that has a 1,000-yard receiving version of Stevie Breaston (by the way, just another example of how poorly Lloyd Carr used his talent while at Michigan) who highlights a roster of five former Ann Arborites (Stevie B, Gabe Watson, Alan Branch, Jermane Tuman, and Victor Hobson) and you've got a bandwagon I can believe in.

Which brings me to the man everyone just can't seem to stop talking about concerning this team: Kurt Warner. You may remember earlier in the season when I chastised someone who called Warner "one of the greatest passers of all time." Well, I still disagree with the notion, but how can I hate on the guy after making this improbable run. Speaking of Kurt, not that many people picked up on the notable silence of his once outlandishly outspoken bitch (err Christian) of a wife, Brenda Warner. That is until Deadspin pointed it out earlier today. And what do you know, they were able to provide a split screen of exactly what she's been up to between Super Bowl appearances.

On this memorable Inauguration Day, I gotta say, that is change I can believe in.

So I invite you all to join me on the most unlikely bandwagon around these days. Go Cards! Go Brenda Warner! I had no idea the New Testament had blonde wigs or highlights or whatever the hell she did with herself. But whatever, anything is better than the "Alice from the Brady Bunch" crew cut she sporting before. Remember, the Cards are here to stay (at least for the next two weeks) and there's no turning back. After the one for the thumb nonsense of a few years ago, the Steelers don't have any more room for rings — unless they have some fans that can fit Super Bowl rings around their sexy time regions.

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