Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Return

So the subtitle of this blog being "Life and Times of the Just Graduated", I think it's only appropriate to chronicle my first weekend back at Michigan since graduating last spring. You may remember the last time I wrote something campus related, but if not, here's a refresher link.

So I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive that I would come back to campus a forgotten man, the old retread who nobody really wants to talk to but does it out of common courtesy. That didn't happen, though. If anything, it felt like I hadn't even left. Add on the fact that it was Mudbowl weekend and you've got someone who was completely distraught to leave come Sunday night. I figure I'll give a rundown of some things I noticed — obviously both good and bad — about my return trip.

The Drinking Dilemma
Alright, I have a huge qualm about something that isn't going on at the Michigan campus right now. A couple of months ago a group of 100 college Presidents came out and said America should lower the drinking age to 18. And these weren't rinky dink schools, either, considering the campaign was led by Duke University. Since I'm already over the age of 21, a possible rule change will never really affect me.

But thinking back to my days of my fake-ID wielding days, a proposal backed by this many high ranking officials would have stirred me into action. To my dismay, though, I've seen nothing more than the obligatory "Presidents, students want booze, parents strongly disagree" stories in the Daily or anywhere for that matter. Why hasn't Ann Arbor mobilized around this. They're begging you, too.

As sad as it sounds, this could be our generation's Vietnam. The only reason this thing hasn't picked up momentum is due to how strong the Mothers Against Drunk Driving are, and that state's federal highway funding is tied to their drinking age being 21. Seriously, you can go to war, nearly lose your life, and all you can drink is a fucking O'Doul's when you return. That just doesn't make any sense to me.

Still awesome and I still have issues maintaining my memory there.

The Mudbowl
Well as usual, SAE trounced the competition, this year beating Phi Psi 36-16. Things got a little dicey in the second half when the score was sliced to 24-16, but the Sig Alphs rebounded well to get the win. I'm fairly certain this was the most well attended Mudbowl I've seen, what with a later start and nicer weather. The Daily has a nice little piece on it as well.

The Football Game
All I can really say about that drubbing Illinois gave the Big Blue on Saturday is thank goodness Toledo is coming to town next week. I thought the seven fumbles against Notre Dame were a fluke and I overlooked the five fumbles against Wisconsin because of the great second-half comeback. But after I watched Michigan fumble another five times against the Illini, it's pretty clear that's just going to happen every week.

And for heaven's sake, can we please get a safety. If I have to watch Stevie Brown or Charles Stewart get burned deep again, I might just go over to the Michigan locker room with a lead pipe and take them out Tanya Harding style so we can just end this misery. The most telling part in all this is the fact those two are still starting even though it's almost guaranteed the opponent will get at least one long bomb a game courtesy of their mistakes. I seriously wonder what the backups must look like.

Kevin McKay
If you weren't in SAE, you probably don't know who this guy is. When I was in school he was merely a member of the alumni board, and more specifically, the biggest prick on the alumni board. Well, now he's the President of said alumni board, basically transforming him from amusing jerk to royal pain in the ass. There was a time a few years ago where I had to meet with him in his office, which to my shock was on campus in an art building. Little did I know, when I showed up said office was a custodian office. The man was a janitor ... or at least what called his office had lettering that straight up read JANITOR on it. And the guy is mean. I don't understand how people with menial jobs can be mean, it's like dooming yourself to failure. The double whammy, if you will.

So this year at Mudbowl, Mr. McKay decided drinking by alumni in attendance would not be allowed. This prompted an outward showing of emotion from people with beer cans/liquor (this is an understatement). And by emotion, I mean something along the lines of "Have fun trying to pry this booze from my hands, you custodial worker." But what got me about the whole situation is that over all these years of McKay being a prick to SAE, nobody thought to call the parents in as reinforcements against his tormenting I say this because the mother of an alum straight up called this man out about the no booze ridiculousness. And McKay backed down, and I don't think I saw him the rest of the day. It was quite refreshing.

Kevin McKay?

*I wanted to add more, like Klein's manifesto on texting (he needs to send it to me so I can post it on here), but going back to college made me forget a lot of things courtesy of the large intake of alcohol in such a short amount of time. Feel free to add any thoughts on the weekend to the comment section at the bottom.

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