Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Bout Them Cowboys?

It all happened so quickly, so magically — you know this "sky is falling" crisis mode the Cowboys are in. From this Redskins fan's perspective, it has been wildly entertaining to watch develop in seemingly a matter of minutes.

First, the franchise quarterback went down with a broken pinkie (try shaking that pretty boy persona now, Romo). then the scourge commissioner came down hard on the troubled cornerback (seriously from a journalist perspective, this four-game suspension is ridiculous). And finally, just to prove they were in full-on panic mode, the Cowboys traded three draft picks for another me first wide receiver.

I guess I'll set the record straight now about how I feel about Pacman. I agree with all those that are somewhat condoning the "fight" that has now caused this suspension. And I'm letting Clinton Portis do the talking for me:

"I really think that situation man probably was blown out of proportion, I really do....Bodyguard or no bodyguard, if you're around somebody constantly, tempers gonna flare. As men you exchange words. ...You know, I could see if it was pistol play or if he strangled him or choked him out while he was driving, but you know, if it's man-to-man and we bump chests and push each other, you know, I don't think that's an altercation worth taking football away from him. But, you know, wrong place wrong time is all I can say."

But I'll go a little further than Clinton since Roger Goodell can't fine. I really think Goodell has overstepped his boundaries in terms of how much control one man can have over a person's life. Maybe there was a provision in the deal Pacman signed that said no alcohol, but if Goodell was willing to let Pacman play again in the first place, a no alcohol requirement should have never been prerequisite for a return. I just don't think Goodell can't prevent someone from earning their livelihood.

Oh but there's more. I've been complaining for awhile about all the ridiculous amount of pro-Cowboy bullshit that comes out of the mouth of Troy Aikman, and now I've got someone championing my cause. He goes by the name of Boomer Esiason:

It is rare when we get one broadcaster calling out another broadcaster by name. Well that's what Boomer Esiason does when he throws Troy Aikman's name on front street. Boomer tells the WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show that he "heard a legitimate bias from one Troy Aikman towards the Dallas Cowboys" and calls it rather "stunning".

I find it shocking that the Cowboys have gone from Super Bowl certainty to sideshow in a matter of two weeks. Seriously, it was only 15 days ago this team was undefeated, floating on cloud nine heading into that Redskins game. However, I will say that Roy Williams is going to make this offense even more dangerous if Tony Romo is able to make a full recovery in the month they're anticipating it will take. Jerry Jones just gave up quite a bit to get him. Three picks for one guy, that's a pretty steep price.

All that said, I'm already having visions of Roy making a leaping touchdown grab over Fred Smoot late in the third quarter of the Cowboys/Skins rematch in four weeks. Show you where my head is at concerning all this.

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