Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sparty and the Lions...One in the Same

I just had to officially comment on all the shenanigans going on between Michigan and Michigan State right now. I just find it hilarious that the Spartans always seem to find the biggest lunatics ever to coach their football team. Just when you thought you had seen the deacon of craziness, John L. Smith, along comes Mark Dantonio, the most bitter man on the planet.

I mean seriously, you want your team to stop viewing Michigan as the dominant power in the state even though your team is made up of a collection of players the Wolverines didn't want. People who watched last Saturday's game can attest to this...even when Michigan State went up by ten points in the fourth quarter, there was no doubt in my mind they would blow it. As all these girls watching with us were in a panic over the Spartans' dominance throughout the third quarter, I just sat there, smiled and laughed as I watched the inevitable State collapse ensue. But to be honest I did think a little bit about the "Just like football" chant I was bound to hear at the Breslin Center when I cover Michigan-Michigan State in basketball.

You are Mike Hart's bitch.

And before I forget, I wanted to address the Lions surprising 6-2 start. It's a mirage, people. Similar to State, the Lions are basically incapable of not screwing up great situations. I am calling it now before it actually happens: The Lions will collapse. Now, by collapse I mean ending the season 3-5 for a record of 9-7. If they squeek into the playoffs because of the weakness of the NFC, so be it. But they sure as hell won't do any damage in the postseason. I liken them to the 1997 Redskins powered by the Gus and Norv engine. If you recall that Skins team started the year 7-1 and ended it 8-7-1, missing the playoffs and taking a few years off my life in the process (This was also the same season as the infamous Frerotte Sunday night how the hell do you tie a team headbutt game).

So yeah, the Lions schedule looks favorable, but the negatives of being the Lions effectively ends any overall positivity happening.

If my predicted Lions collapse comes true, I say we officially call their ineptness "Wayne Fontes Syndrome".

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