Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lots to Talk About

So I've been home for Thanksgiving the past few days and have had very little to do except drink and watch sports in HD. And in the process, I've also had the opportunity to catch up with friends who I haven't seen in awhile. Highlight of the weekend has to be the annual Seven Locks Showdown on Thanksgiving morning. Unlike last year, my team lost thanks to some shady gameplanning by myself. Anytime a 150-pound cheebaman is blocking a 230-pound plus former football player, you know it's flawed from the get go.

I didn't realize there were photographers at the game, but apparently they caught one of the snaps where Battey faced off against Friedson. Luckily, I found a shot of it on the web.

But in seeing all these familiar faces, I also encountered some people from high school who I really didn't want to see. And to make matters worse, my memory from the "good ol' days" is shoddy at best, meaning I gave blank stares to people who clearly remembered me. I think the most awkward segment of conversation has to be that moment when the person who remembers you, realizes you have no idea who they are. You, of course, try to backtrack and hold serve by calling the other person 'Dude' 'bro' or simply just 'you'. But, in reality, all of this is a formality. When you're conversation is over, you are going to say to yourself, 'Shit, I can't believe I didn't remember this person'. In the meantime, that person is going to walk away saying, 'That bastard didn't remember me.'

Obviously, the remedy to the situation is simple. Always have a friend with you as a security blanket when entering a situation where meeting old acquaintences is inevitable. So if I forgot your name this weekend, it isn't because I don't like. It's just because you're not worth remembering.

While I was busy not remembering past experiences, I also had the chance to catch a lot of TV. I noted some observations I had during the whole bonanza of mostly college sports...

No.1 LSU loses to Arkansas, No.4 Mizzou beats No.2 Kansas
If you read this blog, you know I've been on the Jayhawk bandwagon for quite some time. And I was definitely trying to pull for them, but ultimately I found myself disinterested in Kansas. They were sloppy on defense, missing numerous tackles. And their offense was stagnant save for a nice 4th quarter when Mizzou stupidly stopped blitzing and went into prevent. Chase Daniel lived up to the hype, dissecting that Kansas D all night long. If he plays that well against Oklahoma next week, he deserves the Heisman, no matter the ridiculousness Tim Tebow has accmplished this season.

Chase proved he was the real deal in a big time matchup. I bet the amount of tail he pulls goes up tenfold in the coming weeks.

As for LSU...well you had your chance. The loss probably means the whole Les Miles-Michigan affair starts to get rolling. He's likely out of the National Title picture, and it would no longer be that big of a distraction should he start negotiating to leave. Now, personally, I'm not completely sold on Les Miles as the next coach at Michigan. He's a great recruiter, but he's coaching leaves much to be desired. He's the complete opposite of Lloyd but seems to get the same results. Lloyd didn't take enough chances, which was good enough for a 8 or 9 win season guaranteed. Miles seems like he takes too many chances, but somehow always seems to get 8,9,10 wins a year. I can't see a risktaker like Miles winning BCS Titles all that often.

As for my predictions for next weekend...
ACC Title Game: BC vs. Va. Tech- Hokies 31-24
SEC Title Game: LSU vs. Tennessee- LSU 41-20
Backyard Brawl: West Virginia vs. Pitt- WVU 51-17
Battle for L.A.: USC vs. UCLA- Trojans, 38-14
Big 12 Title Game: Oklahoma vs. Missouri- Mizzou, 45-42

That's right...West Virginia vs. Missouri for the BCS Title. If anyone predicted that at the beginning of the season, they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize or something along those lines, at least.

The four Heisman finalists should be, in order from winner to fourth place: Chase Daniel (assuming my prediction of a win over the Sooners comes true), Darren McFadden, Pat White, Tim Tebow.

Other Random Ramblings
1. A few weeks back, I read this article on Tennessee men's bball coach Bruce Pearl after a friend at the Daily mentioned how good it was. And if you read this story, which appeared in SI, it talks about Pearl's close relationship with Pat Summitt and how both have had recent divorces, yet draws no connections between the two. Well, I'm calling it now after watching the male Vols drop a game against Texas. It's going to come out that Pearl and Summitt are dating and it's going to affect the enitire season for both teams. You heard it here first.

2. Watch out for George Mason and Folarin Campbell, who graduated from Springbrook the same year as me. They've still got a bunch of players from that Final 4 squad and they look good early on this year.

3. Virginia may have lost to Va. Tech, but I'm sold on D-Lineman Chris Long -- Howie's son -- as a top-5 pick in the NFL Draft next year.

4. Tennessee vs. Kentucky...probably the best college football game of the year. Actually might be the best game of the year...period.

5. Torii Hunter to the Angels makes sense on the surface. But Mike Sciosia can sugarcoat it all he wants...having four outfielders of that quality (Hunter, Vlad, Matthews, Jr., and Anderson) is going to cause problems eventually. If they swallow some pride, though, this team has to be considered the frontrunner to possibly dethrone the Sawx.

Sucks to be a Twin fan right now. That team is lowballing the shit out of two of their studs and it's just because the owners are cheap bastards.

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