Thursday, November 15, 2007

Predictions for the Weekend

Remember when I was bragging about how awesome I am because of my college football picks. Well, apparently that doesn't transfer over to basketball. My preseason Eastern Conference pick, the Miami Heat, have looked absolutely atrocious and remain the lone winless team in the NBA after falling to Seattle and Kevin Durant last night. But I want to try my hand at the predicting game one more time. And since I'm minutes away from leaving for the Michigan/Georgetown bball game and my triumphant return to Maryland (although it's only for 14 hours since I'm coming back for the Big Game), I figured I'd try my hand at the whole prediction thing.

And there's a lot of games that have my attention this weekend:

College Basketball: Michigan at Georgetown, 730 pm on ESPN 360 — 74-59 GTOWN
NBA: San Antonio at Dallas, 8 pm on TNT — 101-96 Dallas

I love John Beilein...but not enough to think he'll beat GTown.

NBA: Washington at Minnesota, 8pm on NBA League Pass/CSN+ if you're in DC — 102-99 Wiz Kids

College Football: Ohio State at Michigan, Noon on ABC — 31-27 Michigan
NBA: Portland at Washington, 7pm on NBA LP or CSN in DC — 107-100 Blazas (No chance the Wiz Kids can win the back end of two in a row especially when they have to travel from Minnesota to do it)
NBA: Phoenix at Houston — 109-102 Suns

All those records Mike Hart has won't mean anything if he goes 0-4 against the Buckeyes. They'll forever be looking over his shoulder. Here's to hoping Henne plays because rumor has it that shoulder is anything but ready to go.

NFL: Giants at Lions, 1pm on Fox — 34-20 NYG (let the annual Lions' free fall commence)
NFL: Redskins at Cowboys, 4pm on Fox — 27-24 Redskins (although this goes against my better judgment...get better quickly Sean Taylor)
NFL: New England at Buffalo, 830 pm on NBC — 38-10 Pats (Just because the Pats are fucking amazing doesn't mean they'll be rusty because of a bye week. Everyone is forgetting that rest is good in football. You come back rejuvented. It's not like the Rockies and baseball where they get rusty during extended rest.)

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