Thursday, August 24, 2006

Steve Miller and the end of an era

I'm all finished up with Carderock now and the countdown is at 2 days until I make my triumphant return to Ann Arbor. 8 grand and a nice suntan later I completed an era of lifeguarding that spanned approximately 6 summers. I think I held my own at the pools, but enough was enough and it's time for a change. Who knows what next summer will bring? I don't even know if I'll be back in Maryland. But if I'm not, I will have ended it with a bang. Last night, myself, Matt, and Battey got to see Steve Miller Band, 10th rowish, at Wolf Trap. I had never been there before, but I must say that it is fucking sweet. The whole structure is made out of wood and almost looks like a giant old time pirate ship. Steve Miller went through all the hits plus a couple covers. Definitely a solid show. But the thing that made the night complete was the sign language people at Wolf Trap. Because it is a national park, I assume Wolf Trap has to have somebody to communicate with deaf people, so they don't get sued. And these sign language people put on another show by themselves. There was the male who was clearly a huge Steve Miller fan because you could tell he didn't even need to look at his sheet of paper with the lyrics. The guy knew them all. And he wasn't just signing, but was actually like dancing along to the music. And then during "The Joker", at the part where Miller talks of himself as a midnight toker in the chorus, the sign language female would switch it up in her signals. One time she did your typical hit a bowl symbol. But then other times she would use the universal symbol for smoking a jay, and point to the sky to symbolize being high. Definitely a show within the show.

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