Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bowden is a BUM

The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and Alfonso Soriano is still a National. I said it a few posts ago that if Nationals GM Jim Bowden didn't get rid of Soriano for some good prospects he should be fired. Well...I'm calling for his head. Reports indicate that his asking price with Soriano was way too high. Two prospects and a major league ready player is just way too much to ask a team to give up for a guy who isn't a superstar. That's right. NOT a superstar. He's a damn good baseball player, but you can't put him up there with the likes of Papi, Pujols, Vlad, and Bonds (a couple years ago) because as witnessed by the Nats' horrible record, he can't elevate his own team to playoff status. Now, all the Nationals will get is two draft picks in a lousy draft year if Soriano signs with another team this offseason. And let's just hope the Nats don't cave in and sign him themselves. 12-15 million dollars a year for a player who can't even propel his own team to play .500 ball is ludicrous. This is the last straw for me with Bowden. The guy has made some controversial moves and none of them have worked out. It's one thing to take a calculated risk, and it's another think to just be dumb. Just during this trading deadline, he didn't trade Soriano when his value was peaking and he traded away our best young reliever (Bill Bray), while receiving a terrible fielding shortstop (Felipe Lopez) and a "power" hitter whose numbers were inflated from playing in Cincinnati's hitters park (Austin Kearns). The bottom line is that there is no way SOriano is going to replicate this season ever again during his career. This was the time to trade him seeing as no less than eight teams were pursuing him. But, Bowden overthought the situation, and thought he was in the driver's seat. And it came back to bite him in the ass.

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