Sunday, July 30, 2006

Michigan Football

So yesterday I got my 2006 football tickets in the mail, and I was unfortunately disappointed in my seating for the second year in a row. For some reason, as a junior, my seating group was put in row 60. This comes after last year having to sit with all freshman in row 79. I wonder who in our group has such terrible credit hours that we get put in such bad seats. But atleast I will be a little farther away from the terrible stench that is Lloyd Carr and his football team. It's really a shame that going into this season I have no reason to believe it will amount to anything resembling a national championship contender. Yeah, the team returns many of its key starters on offense, and they finally got rid of defensive coordinator Jim Hermann, but they still have to deal with a schedule that is in no ways easy. We can pretty much chalk up two losses to Notre Dame and Ohio State because they are both away games against top-5 teams. Luckily, we've got Iowa and Wisconisin at home this year, but those are no gimmes considering how awful Michigan was in the Big House last year.. Penn State on the road could go either way. And if Michigan loses either of its rivalry games against Minnesota or Michigan State, then the whole team deserves to be disassembled. I could easily see a 10-2 season heading into the bowl season. Heck, they could even go 11-1. But there's no way they can beat both Ohio State and Notre Dame away from the Big House in one season. But, knowing Lloyd Carr and his penchant for sucking ass, I'm thinking a 9-3 season with a visit to a New Years Day bowl (like the Capital One Bowl) is a more appropriate prediction.

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