Friday, July 21, 2006

Trade Deadline

It's getting towards the end of July, and the Nationals are clearly out of the playoff picture. Their team is up there age wise and the bottom line is that they aren't very good. Pretty much every player on the major league roster is expendable except for third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. They have a great player in Alfonso Soriano, but he's the only guy on the team worth more than a throw in prospect. This means that he's gotta be traded. Soriano is having maybe the best statistical season of his playing career, and the Nationals still stink. Some people think that signing Soriano to a long term deal is wiser than simply getting rid of one of the more dynaic players in the game. But if he's having a great year and the team is still losing...he ain't worth the money. But, the pressure isn't on Soriano. This situation is a win-win for him. If he gets traded, it's going to be to a team in the playoff race. And if he doesn't he's still going to get a pretty good deal come winter time. The pressure is on Nationals GM Jim (Brett Myers may throw a harder fastball, but I throw a harder bitch slap) Bowden. If he doesn't trade Soriano for some meaningful prospects he deserves to be fired. There has been all this talk of the Nats stockpiling prospects, but I haven't seen any of it yet. And if the new ownership is really sincere about its desire to build through the minors, then signing Soriano is simply hypocritical. Basically, if Soriano is still in a Nationals jersey come August 1, Bowden needs to find his way out of town. It's time to end the misery that is the Nationals 2006 season, and completely rebuild this thing. I'd rather have a team of young up and comers, than clubhouse headaches like Jose Guillen, or over the hill bums like Jose Vidro and Livan Hernandez.

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