Sunday, August 13, 2006

God, I hope Portis is alright

I got back from a vacation in fantasy world (i.e Sherman, Conn) just in time to catch the beginning of the Redskins first preseason game this year against Cincy. And it wasn't the carefree start of the season the Skins wanted. Technically the Skins can't aid themselves in a run to the playoffs until the first game in 29 days against MInnesota. But, in this game their playoff hopes dimmed just a little. Clinton Portis is a huge focal point of the Skins and if his shoulder injury forces him to miss any significant time, the SKins should be very worried. And although the scoreboard at the end of the game as well as Joe Gibbs thoughts afterwards were very negative, I did take some positives out. But, to be honest, none of these positives mean much if one CPort has anything seriously wrong with his shoulder.

Picking up where they left off last year, the first team defense looked awesome. And even though they weren't matched up against the Bengals starter, Carson Palmer, they did exactly what you are supposed to do against a bad quarterback. They buried him. On offense the team moved the ball pretty well for a first preseason game despite Brunell's early pick. Brandon Lloyd particularly impressed me. And in the second half Jason Campbell looked damn good against the Bengals back-ups.

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