Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wizards Robbed in Game 3

If anyone caught the end of Game 3 Wiz vs. Cavs, you witnessed an awesome fourth quarter where Gilbert Arenas went blow for blow with Lebron and Larry Hughes. Very good stuff, and the Wiz deserved to win. With 20 seconds remaining and the Wizards trailing by two, Arenas drove by Larry Hughes (thank God he doesn't play in DC anymore) went to the hoop and got a three point play. It out the Wiz up 1. On the following possession, I'm sure everyone saw it, Lebron drove to the basket and made a tough shot over Michael Ruffin. It probably could have been a three point play as well because Ruffin fouled James. BUT...the basket should not have been allowed and there should have been no opportunity for a foul to be called. Watch the replay and you'll see LeBron TRAVELED! Watch his feet and you'll notice that he changes his pivot foot halfway through the move. Now, it would be one thing if this were some rinky dink high school (like Forest Hills Central) game with rinky dink officiating, but this is the NBA playoffs. You gotta call that travel no matter what player makes the move. However, I don't agree with Wizards coach Eddie Jordan saying Lebron gets preferential treatment from the refs. I mean the Wizards have gone to the free throw line more than the Cavs in the series. I think the official simply missed the call, and it's a shame because the better team lost the game. This Wiz-Cavs series is definitely going the distance, and obviously the winner will lose to the Pistons. But I think the Wizards can take Detroit 6 or maybe 7 games, while I don't see the Cavs winning more than 1 game against the Stones.

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