Saturday, April 22, 2006

A New Way to Foot the Bill

An interesting revelation was made by one Dan "the man" Kovel today at dinner at Good Time Charley's. What if you could pay the bill at a restaurant by simply texting in the dollar amount and the name of the place where you are eating into your phone? Then the phone could just take that much money out of a specific bank account and give it to the place where you are eating, using some sort of wireless network through the cell phone. For security purposes, there would be some kind of PIN number to be entered in order to do this. That way, instead of making the waiter or waitress collect like 6 credit cards from 6 different people, there would be no middle man. Breskin refutes the whole thing, saying it has "too many kinks" to be worked out. But I think it's do-able and could eliminate a lot of the unnecessary waiting time at restaurants.

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