Friday, April 14, 2006

MLB Observations

I'm gonna lay it all out right here -

1. Brewers and Tigers = not for real. Tigers rotation is suspect. They remind me of the Orioles from years past. Their "good" young players aren't that good. Pretty much the Tigers have a good pitcher in Bonderman, and I'm still on the fence with Shelton. For the Brewers, their closer, Turnbow is legit, and JJ Hardy has shown some skills. But you can't make the playoffs with two players.

2. The Red Sox are gonna be unstoppable if they make the playoffs. Schilling looks like he's back to his old dominating ways. ANd combine that with Beckett, and you've got a 1-2 combo that is just as good as Schilling and Johnson from a few years back. As long as Clement and Wakefield give them 12-15 wins they will make the playoffs and be all right. And now there is a rumor that Clemens might end up there. Oh man, they are my early season pick for the World Series.

3. The Yankees' lineup is pretty ridiculous. I mean there is no break there.. Too bad they'll be the same team as last year. They'll make the playoffs but it will be another early exit.

4. The Nationals are not as bad as they look so far. They shouldn't panic back in DC. Everyone has to realize the Nats have played all of their games against real good teams. The AStros were in the World Series last year, and the Mets should win the NL East this year. I see the Natties in the 75-80 win category.

5. The Blue Jays will be this year's version of the 2005 Baltimore Orioles. They'll drop out of the race once we get past the All-Star break.

6. Barry Bonds will hit 25-20 HRs this season.

7. The White Sox will not even make the playoffs this season. They are a good team, but not a playoff team. Last season, they got lucky that every pitcher on their roster had a career year. In reality their only solid pitcher is Mark Buerhle. ALthough, Jim Thome looks unreal so far this season.

Should be another great baseball season.

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