Monday, April 03, 2006

Incredible Day

What a day April 3, 2006 has been. It's opening day, where every team still has a shot at glory. By the way if anyone caught the Nationals game today, that call was total bullshit by the home plate ump in the eighth. Lo Duca dropped the ball and Soriano was safe. But it didn't hide the fact that Soriano was fucking loafing it around the bases. He should have been safe by a few steps.

But today is also the NCAA Tournament finals. Florida vs UCLA...I'm actually not looking forward to this one. But it's still the NCAA finals.

Last night I also had a weird happening. So I lowered myself to the point where I'm writing women's tennis stories for the paper now that hockey is over. I'm interviewing the coach, Bitsy Ritt, on the phone, and she was actually nervous to talk with me. After months of interviewing Red Berenson, my style is much more professional. This tennis coach didn't know what fucking hit her. She was like stuttering all over the place to the point where I almost laughed over the phone.

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