Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Michael Beasley, the king of kings?

So I didn't include Michael Beasley in my little John Wall comparisan. One, I didn't really like him as a college player (or a pro for that matter). And two, I knew he averaged a lot of points, but I figured it was done in the most inefficient way considering he's a chucker. Well, my college journalist turned law school friend Brom pointed him out in the comments of that last post (everyone should start commenting, it livens things up here) so I figured I would dig up his stats. And let's just say, I was mildly surprised at what I saw:

Michael Beasley
Offensive Rating: 120.1
eFG%: 56.3
A/T Ratio: 0.4

Better than Wall in offensive rating, he trails in eFG% and assist-to-turnover ratio, although that's understandable since Wall is a point guard. In terms of who was better as a one-and-done college player, even just nine games into his career, I'll stick with my man, John Wall. He's got that "it" factor Beasley never had.

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