Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If they do it, please go to the Western Conference

I know we've heard the rumors of LeBron and DWade possibly playing together, maybe as soon as next year, but in today's New York Post, Wade may have provided us the most explicit proof yet. Here's a sampling of what DWade had to say in terms of him and LeBron (read the whole article because it also gets Wade's thinking about his career, and, perhaps most importantly for Heat fans, about his future in Miami):

"Before we agreed to terms, LeBron and I had a couple conversations," Wade said. "I can't recall exactly what we said, but the gist of it was we wanted to give ourselves the flexibility and the option to play together. A lot of times in this league, players usually wind up going where they can get the most money. We're both blessed within that area. We've made a lot of money. So we wanted to base our decision on two things, the organization and the ability to win a title. And that's what we'll do. When the season is over, we plan to sit down and talk about it. I'm not saying it will happen. But I'm intrigued by the idea."

"I probably couldn't have handled playing with someone like LeBron earlier in my career, but I'm older now. You're talking about two big egos and meshing them. That'd take a lot of sacrifice on LeBron's part and it'd take a lot of sacrifice on my part to succeed. But we would succeed because we know winning takes care of everything."

"For the first time, maybe the only time in our careers, we control our destiny. What do you think about that? That's the coolest thing about it."

"Our personalities grated," Wade said. "That's why I say LeBron and I can play together. Our personalities work. Being on the court with him makes me unselfish."

"The options, that's what excites me about this. I like that you think it can't be this team [the Bulls] or that team [the Nets], yet another team [the Knicks] makes sense to you."

Like the title of this post implies, for the Wizards' sake, I hope this togetherness happens on the other side of the country, though it sounds like Miami could have as much as $39 million in cap space and therefore would be the most likely to be able to afford both LeBron and Wade.

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