Friday, March 13, 2009

They're In, I think

I'm a terrible blogger, I know. Real bloggers update their stuff every day, multiple times. Recently, I've been having once-a-week flings with this blog and I don't like it one bit. It's just that when you get home from a 12-hour day of writing about high school sports, reporting on high school sports, and oftentimes having just watched some mind-numbingly boring high school game, the last thing I want to think about is writing more.

But back to more important things. Obviously, we'll have to wait until Selection Sunday, but I'm pretty sure the 10-year drought is over. With its trouncing of Iowa yesterday, Michigan should be in the NCAA Tournament next Thursday or Friday. Congrats fellas, I really hope you understand how much you put people through (ahem, me) with that 10-22 stinker of a season a year ago.

Right around the time the buzzer sounded yesterday, I got this text from my friend Brad: "Rename that arena after Beilein." That's how long it has been since Michigan sports has had this good of a feeling. Seriously, we needed this after that debacle of a football season. And since it's I told you so season, I figured I'd drop this blast from the past on you. Here's what I wrote on this blog back on March 18, two days after Tommy Amaker got fired:

Personally I think Kruger or Beilein would be great fits here, and I would be happy with either. The next few weeks should be a real exciting time for Michigan basketball, and is probably Bill Martin's last chance to prove himself as an athletic director. All things considered, I WANT BEILEIN.

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