Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Slightly Uncomfortable Obama

Just read a fascinating story on the front page of the Washington Post about President Obama and the daily grind that is his life these days. It's by Eli Saslow and I highly recommend checking it out.

After you read it, it's pretty clear that Obama is a much different man than the Presidents we've had in the recent past. What struck me is just how new this whole life in a microscope thing is for Obama. I get the sense that while he knew he wanted to be President all along, he chafes at some of the necessary evils that you just have to endure. Basically, the guy is giving up a lot of his life and leisure time and I don't think he understood just how difficult that was going to be. He knew he'd eventually have to live differently, but I just don't think he thought it all the way through.

Now, it seems, with a sinking economy, the reality is beginning to sink in. It will be interesting to see if Obama embraces this change and loss of freedom in his life or kind of wallows a bit in his longing for normalcy. I'm not sure if either is such a bad thing, though.

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