Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Could Be Me

Hey all, I know it seems like I post something that sounds an awful lot like this seemingly every week now ... but I'm swamped at work thanks to the beginning of high school basketball season and weird deadlines thanks to Thanksgiving.

That being said, I got some money posts that are all partly written and should be live on the web by tomorrow.

But just to keep you amused, remember how I complained sometimes about my internship at the NY Sun this summer ... Well this girl puts me to shame. Apparently when Jennifer Nicole Anato-Mensah found out she was being fired from her paid internship at a local television station, the female version of Rambo emerged from within her soul:

Several newsroom employees heard Anato-Mensah shouting, yelling obscenities and threatening Prenevost (her boss), saying, "You don't know where I'm from. I'll mess you up, b ——-." (Mark's note: I believe the word is bitch)

Prenevost attempted to walk away from Anato-Mensah, but the intern followed her. A male employee stepped between her and Prenevost, who went into a nearby conference room. The male employee tried to get Anato-Mensah to calm down and pack up her things, but Anato-Mensah left her desk and again tried to get to the conference room, the complaint said.

Several male employees then stood at the conference room door as Anato-Mensah continued to yell and swear and try to push her way in. At one point, she kicked at and broke a window in the conference room door. She had to be restrained to keep her out of the room, the complaint said.
"The whole situation was very scary," Prenevost said.

Finally, employees escorted the intern out of the newsroom. She was gone when police responded to the call at the station, 3415 W. University Ave. in St. Paul.

You never know, I could blow a gasket one of these days considering how fast the journalism world is falling during this recession crap. I think I would go for this place's computers if I was going nuts. Replacing a window is cheap, replacing multiple computers, that's tough to do on short notice.

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