Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Basketball Posse

I've had this weird dream/longing sensation in my head ever since election night and of course, it has to do with our new President-elect.

As you might have been able to tell from other recent blog posts, I have become fascinated with Barack Obama's fascination with basketball. Frankly, I think it's one of the qualities that endears him most to me. He really seems like the type of guy who, if he weren't a world-famous politician, you would see waiting for his turn to play pick-up at the local gym. He played high school basketball in Hawaii and in interviews has shown a pretty accurate jump shot and just in general looks like he's got some ballin' skills.

We already know and I have written about his desire to put a basketball court in the White House, but I want to go back to something I heard on election night. A lot of the media people were talking about how Obama basically flew/brought in nine of his buddies to play some pick-up basketball earlier in the day — apparently a tradition of his that has developed over the years. To me, this sounded like an awesome way to relieve tension. Personally, I also find a good game of hoops to be very therapeutic.

If you want to see what this mystical election day game looked like ... here it is, in CNN form:

Well, this whole idea got me thinking about my own life. This past Sunday night, I was watching Entourage and as always my thoughts started drifting to the day when I could possibly afford to bankroll my friends so they can hang out with me all the time (Speaking of Entourage, I know Vinnie Chase claims to have no earning power anymore, but the simple fact that some flight attendant could recognize him out of the blue seems to say that he could do something with his life, but I digress).

So I started thinking how I could combine these ideas. I want to be famous and wealthy enough to be able to play pick-up basketball on a whim whenever I want. But I need a capable posse of ballers by my side to be able to do this. That's when arguably the world's best boxer pound for pound comes into the equation.

If you don't know who Manny Pacquiao is yet, you're probably too late to join the bandwagon. It's pretty full.

I was watching the show 24/7 on HBO, which is right now building up to the super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya. If you don't know Pacquiao yet, he's basically like the number one rock star in Asia right now because he's the best thing to ever come out of the Philippines since ... well ... maybe ever. But because of this ultra-cool status abroad, the guy can't really train in his home country anymore since he gets recognized all over the place.

So when he's training for a fight like this one against De La Hoya, he comes to Los Angeles for training. But he doesn't live in some palace like you would expect. He lives in a two-bedroom condo with 10 of his friends — none of which are his wife by the way. The way they explained it on the show, the sleeping arrangement is Pacquiao gets one bedroom and the other dudes fight it out for the rest of the place. Apparently living in large groups without your wife for long periods of time is a Philippines thing. Now once I get rich and famous enough, my posse would not live in a two-bedroom condo. We'd definitely have a mansion with a indoor court.

So there it is, once I take over the sporting world and start making millions, I'm going to start a tradition, where whenever I feel like playing basketball, I call up my nine-person posse and we get things going. Obviously, my nucleus of nine would all have to be good basketball players. And there would definitely be a private jet and full-fledged shoe deal involved, where me and the nine get free swag or something.

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