Monday, November 10, 2008

Giving Myself Wizards Diversions

Maybe you aren't aware, but the lifeblood of my winters is currently 0-4. I'm talking about the Wizards, and to my dismay the team is probably looking square in the eyes of its second-consecutive 0-5 start to a season with a Wednesday home game against the Jazz. So I should be used to this right? Well I'll let Marc Stein of do the 'splainin for me. When he ranked all the teams in his power rankings this week, he described the No. 28 (out of 30) Wizards like this:

The good news: No one knows more about digging out of an 0-5 hole than the Wiz, who had to do the exact same thing last season. The bad news: This Wiz team looks way shakier than last season's Wiz did.

By way shakier, he really means Deshawn "I Can't Feel My Face" Stevenson is about to be benched because he isn't playing defense anymore, but can't shoot threes anymore either. The conundrum: Nick "I'll take double the amount of shots I should if I don't have to play defense" Young would likely be his replacement. But to be fair, Young would be a huge upgrade at this point.

Then there's Antawn Jamison and Antonio Daniels looking more and more like the 30-somethings that they are. Oh yeah the team's already weak front court looks like it's going to be depending a whole lot on a 19-year-old who is skinnier than a string bean (although he's looked pretty talented so far) in Javale McGee. Caron has been his usual self but he can't do it all. And couple all that with Gilbert not retruning for another month or so, and you have me staring straight in the face of the terrifying prospect that is a Clippers-esque 32-50 season.

Couple all that with the fact that Boom Dizzle (Mr. Baron Davis for non-regular readers) is on a terrible Clippers team this year and I've found myself in a NBA doldrum. I think that's part of the reason I haven't been blogging much about the association so far this season. Well here are some things I'll be keeping my brain around while I try to avoid watching the Wiz kids self-destruct on the floor:

1) Iverson and the Stones: I like this trade for the Pistons, and I'll like it even more when Antonio McDyess waits another week and a half and re-signs with the Pistons now that he's been waived by Denver. Who wouldn't trade Billups on the downside of his career with four years of a contract for Iverson about to be on his downside with an expiring contract. Give it a whirl with Iverson for one season, see what happens, and then if it fails cut your losses. You do realize this puts Detroit in the running for Carlos Boozer or Joe Johnson this offseason. Now that's a scary thought.

2) Mike D'Antoni: The Knicks are 4-2 already this season. If D'Antoni can somehow make this team even close to a playoff contender the next two seasons, I don't see how LeBron won't sign with them in 2010. I've heard rumors that Nike is guaranteeing King James an extra $100 million if he goes to the LA or NYC areas when his contract is done in Cleveland.

3) What the Hawks: It was a nice run in the first round, taking the Celtics to seven games, but never in a bazillion years did I think the Hawks would start this year 6-0. The loss of Josh Childress left them with no bench to speak of, and yet I think most of the NBA world overlooked what a nice little trio Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Al Horford make up. Seriously this team looks real good, and if they re-sign Johnson this offseason, will look real good for years to come. As sad as it is to say, the Hawks look like they're going to take the Wizards thrown as fast-paced team that has dangerous stars but will likely lose to Cleveland in that 4-5 first-round matchup.

4)The inevitable Lakers/Celts Finals: Everyone is talking about the revamped East, but I think it's still Boston's to lose. And the Lakers depth is just going to pound away on the Western Conference all year. Unless something drastic happens (like Chris Paul takes his game to a stratosphere nobody knew existed) I think the Lake show makes a return appearance barring injuries.

5) Roger Mason: You just watch with Tony Parker out, there's going to be one player everybody is talking about. He played really, really well for the Wiz last year, but Roger Mason is going to have his coming out party this season. He's perfect for that Gregg Poppovich "get the ball inside to Duncan, then when the D collapses swing the ball until we get an open 3" offense. I'm guessing 14 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds a game.

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