Thursday, September 25, 2008

These Days Everyone Has a Blog

Seriously, it's absolutely fascinating the amount of athletes that have decided to write down their semi-coherent, yet not very thought provoking ideas on the computer screen. Everyone sort of knows about the big time ones that occasionally pop up on the national news like Curt Schilling's blog or Gilbert Arenas' blog, which of course I read regularly.

But it's a national phenomenon in the athlete world now. Today I discovered Mike Hart's blog, where I learned that he will be on campus in Ann Arbor this weekend for the Wisconsin game alongside his former teammates, Jake Long and Mario Manningham. Also, Hart's fellow Colts teammate and former Wisco QB, Jim Sorgi, is coming as well.

Once I stumbled into Hart's blog, I decided it was time to start googling anyone I could think of and attaching the word "blog" to the end. Here's what I learned:

1) Michael Phelps used to have a blog. I guess now he's too big time for that. Instead he likes to drink corona out of a can on national television.

2) David Wright used to have one, too. I particularly liked how he spent an entire section of one post explaining why he sticks his tongue out on the baseball field a la Michael Jordan. For the record he only does it when he's "really concentrating or trying hard." How cute.

3) Dontrelle Willis has a blog that he started on December 5, 2007, two days after he was traded from the Marlins to the Tigers. Funny thing is, D (which what he calls himself on the blog) stopped posting on March 6, 2008. I guess it makes sense, since that's about the time D probably realized he's no longer a Major League caliber pitcher. But the banner when you actually go to the site still says "Dontrelle Willis: Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers". I wonder if there's anyway we can go in there and change it to "Dontrelle Willis: High Leg Kickin' It in Class A Lakeland". Other issues I had were that he listed his favorite city as Oakland (I know he's from there, but c'mon, OAKLAND!), his favorite player as Juan Pierre, and one of his favorite movies is Mr. 3000 starring the deceased Bernie Mac.

4) Carmelo has one, too, but it hasn't been updated since May. Be prepared to try and read the number '2' used as a word and the letter 'u' as a word. I guess Melo texts these bad boys in, rather than actually write them.

5) Donovan McNabb's blog was probably the best I read. Too bad it's almost all Philly sports. Oh yeah, and McNabb writes it. Ugh.

6) I take what i said about Donovan's blog back. Baron Davis easily has the most entertaining blog this side of Gilbert Arenas. It's not just vanilla bullshit about games. Baron actually shares some real world views. For example, the Baron addressing Gilbert on the Presidential election:

(I know he said he's gonna raise the taxes on the top income bracket, Gil, but if he uses that money to improve our schools then you won't have to worry about some kids trying to sell pictures of your pool online cause they couldn't get a better job.) LOL

Oh and to top it all off, Baron refers to himself as BoomDizzle throughout and starts posts with phrases like "Yessirr!!! Boom back in the Yard", "Ybbbbbb, what's good. Its your boy Boom", and "What up YB, your boy BoomDizzle stopping through the yard". I think that makes it official, one of this blog's favorite players, Baron Davis, will from here on out be called Boom Dizzle. I think this whole blog search just confirmed Boom Dizzle as my favorite player not wearing a Wizards jersey.

Also, look who figured out how to use video. I highly recommend watching this if you'd like to become an even bigger BoomDizzle fan

I just put this post up and then discovered Boom Dizzle actually made some headlines today. He's now endorsing Jenny Craig. Yes, the same haven for fat women we all associate with the name Jenny Craig.

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