Tuesday, September 02, 2008

David Duchovny Dilemma Solved

I've got to admit, there has been a dilemma running through my mind ever since the show Californication started airing on Showtime last fall. See, I really dig the show, especially the scenes where star David Duchovny is a badass sexaholic. But every time I saw Duchovny hitting on women or a woman simply approach him with overt displays of sexual attraction, I couldn't help thinking about who the real Duchovny is?

He pulls off the womanizing sex fiend very well on Showtime, but I'm willing to guess most of America still sees him as Agent Mulder from X Files. And frankly, the X Files was a closet weirdo show that was watched by people who believe aliens killed JFK.

Well to my happiness, Mr. Duchovny might just be playing himself on Californication:

In an unfortunate case of life imitating art, Californication star David Duchovny has been admitted to a rehab clinic for sex addiction.

The married American actor, who plays a sex-obsessed womaniser on the racy Showtime series, today confirmed through his lawyer that he was receiving treatment.

Sounds to me Duchovny went to rehab for being awesome. I've never heard of too much sex. But as always, there's more background to this story:

Discussing his marriage in an earlier interview, he likened women to drugs. “It was a turning point in my life. A conjunction of timing, maturity, luck and attraction. All the pieces fell into place. When you’re married you have to deal with yourself. You can’t sublimate your pain with drugs and other women. Or should that be women and other drugs?”

Duchovny also said he did not enjoy filming the program’s many sex scenes.

“The sex scenes are especially unsexy. They’re just awkward, you know. Some people might be turned on by awkwardness. I’m not one of those guys. There are ten sweaty guys hanging lights over you while you…”

There is still a controversy here. Duchovny is married to Tea Leoni of Deep Impact and Spanglish fame. Here's a picture to confirm her relative hotness — at least from a 40-year-old MILF perspective.

I know David Duchovny is a stud because of his recent success due to Californication but he's still David Duchovny. How much tail could he really be pulling? Well, I've dug a little deeper and apparently all that tail is internet-based:

According to Fox News, Duchovny's dependency stemmed from an obsession with online porn - of which Leoni is allegedly aware of and has been supportive, says a source.

Final Thoughts: While this is probably a little embarrassing for Duchovny (and more so for his family), you've got to admit it's giving Duchovny's show some solid publicity for when it comes back with new episodes in a couple weeks. I'm just wondering what his friends send to him while he's in rehab. Is a get well soon card appropriate? Maybe something like "Get well soon" with a picture of Rosie O'Donnell accompanying it.

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