Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let Them Drink The Beer

I'm no longer in the Midwest, but it hasn't stopped me from noticing all that's going on in the Chicagoland baseball scene. Both the White Sox and Cubs should be in the playoffs this year (although my guess is neither make the World Series) and apparently the people of Chicago are happy — really happy.

So happy that Chicago mayor Richard Daley has issued this decree:

Mayor Richard Daley said today the city will ask bars near Chicago's baseball stadiums to voluntarily cut off alcohol sales after the seventh inning of home games where the Cubs or White Sox could clinch a playoff series.

While other city officials cautioned that they had yet to discuss the plan with bar owners, the mayor said it was a no-brainer.

"What we're asking is common sense. You can drink as much beer for seven innings as you want," Daley said. "Give me a break. This is common sense, that's all it is. We're asking for the cooperation of everyone."

Asked what he would tell business owners who fear a loss of business, Daley replied, "I'll have somebody buy their place tomorrow ... If you've been drinking for five hours and you're laying on the floor, don't give that person another beer.

"I mean, give me a break ... It's not going to cost them any business. They made enough money all year, I'm sorry. We're just talking about common sense."

I know we all look towards out politicians for help and guidance in tough economic times since we all care about our incomes so much, especially during the past few months. But this Daley fellow might cost himself re-election with this little stunt. I may have just turned 21 a short while ago, but I know there's only one thing people like more than money ... ALCOHOL!

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