Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick Hits

I've been gone basically a week for various reasons (school, road trip to Duke, school), but I figured I'd pump out some thoughts from the weekend...

1. So I finally went to Cameron Indoor Stadium and watched a basketball game (if that's what you want to call it). Although Michigan got crushed by the Blue Devils, it was definitely an experience to remember. I sat courtside right in front of the Cameron Carzies, who were actually on top of me. I got to ask Coach K a question at his press conference, too. Apparently I sounded very nervous. Oh yeah, I was on TV a lot. Seriously though, I can check this off my life checklist. It lived up to everything I ever imagined Cameron to be. I was so close to the floor that if I reached out during the game, I could probably touch a guy on the floor who was hanging by the 3-point line.

With the loss, Michigan basketball dropped to 3-6 for the year, which is probably why i don't mention them all that much on this blog. That includes a loss to Tommy Amaker and Harvard last week, that thankfully I did not go to. After watching this team over nine games I've come to the conclusion that it's going to be tough to get to double digit wins this season. They may do it, but just barely. Duke, on the other hand is old school Duke loaded. Eight McDonald's All Americans on one roster will do that for you. And as much as the ACC is probably the most well balanced conference in college basketball right now, I think it's abundantly clear it's going to be a two-horse race with the Dukies and UNC battling it out as usual.

Looking good for one of my idols, Coach K.

2. Todd Collins? Todd Collins!!!! I think that was the range of my emotions on Thursday night as Jason Campbell went down with what looks like a season-ending knee injury. Collins did his best impression of his Michigan days, coming out and completing 15-of-20 while standing strong in the pocket. The Skins sit at 6-7 and one game out of the last wild card spot. They control their own destiny with games against the Giants, Vikings and 'Boys coming up. And with the way the Skins have flat out given up wins this season, I think controlling your own destiny is all you can really expect. In any other year, this might not be the case. Do I think they'll do it....Ummm get back to me after the Giants game this week. Win that, and I'll feel a lot more comfortable with their chances.

3. MIguel Cabrera and D-Train to the Tigers was the talk around town here in Detroit. Hell, even John Beilein was talking about it at his press conference on Thursday (He liked the deal). And I liked the deal, too. The Tigers did implode their vaunted minor league system by giving up their two best prospects, Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, but they basically traded a 21- and 23-year old who could be stars in the future for a 24- and 25- year old who are already stars. I don't see how you can turn that down. That being said, if the Red Sox get Johan Santana, they remain the favorite to win the AL. Even without Santana, I think I'd take the Sox anyways. This was definitely a great trade by the Tigers, but I don't think it quite puts them over the top.

4. I don't want to talk about the football coaching search. It's just depressing. The Michigan mystique is falling by the wayside everytime it becomes public that someone else turned down the job. Rumor has it, the team is turning back to Les MIles now and making a final, last ditch effort to lure him away from Baton Rouge. But with a National Championship looming and the expected wrath he would face from the media for signing a deal with LSU and promptly turning around and leaving, I think he would be crazy to come to Ann Arbor. I'm still uncertain why Michigan hasn't contacted Chris Peterson of Boise State. He's innovative, successful and a great recruiter. Seems logical to me, but I guess the athletic department doesn't want logical these days. My problem with this whole thing ( and it's not the fact that on the most important weekend of the year for Michigan athletics, when we should have locked up Les Miles, our athletic director, Bill Martin, was on a yacht) is that Sailboat Bill knew Lloyd would be retiring after the Oregon loss in week two. That means he's had four months to prepare for this search, and yet somehow he's managed to look completely unprepared.

I really want this search to end. Just hire someone already.

5. I took an even bet with Nate last week and it goes like this: I took the Colts to win the Super Bowl and I gave him the field. I repeat, even bet. Sounds crazy on my part, but that's how confident I feel about this Colts team being able to beat the Pats in Foxboro in Jannuary. It's gonna happen. Trust me.

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