Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm Readying For a Manning Bowl

Is it just me or does it seem like the NFL is slowly moving its way towards the third-straight season of Manningitis. Two years ago we had Peyton conquering his demons and actually winning his first championship at any level of football. Last season we had immature and sometimes awkward younger brother Eli Manning shoving it in every naysayer's face by somehow transforming almost overnight into a capable NFL quarterback and winning his own Super Bowl.

It's a Manning world, we're just livin' in it.

And now I've got this feeling somehow we're going to end up with a Giants-Colts Super Bowl. Think about it. The NFC has really turned into the Giants and the rest of the conference. The fact that some people are suggesting the Cowboys — a team literally hanging by an injured finger — have the best shot at knocking off the Giants tells you just how much of a favorite they should be. Watching New York just dominate the Skins, yesterday, I'm convinced they've got a return appearance to the Super Bowl in the cards.

Most will probably say Peyton's path is much tougher than Eli's since the Colts aren't nearly the complete team the Giants are. I say it's not that much tougher. Right now, with the Colts riding a four-game winning streak and Peyton just rounding into shape, is there another team in the AFC the Colts wouldn't be favored against if the playoffs were to start today? Maybe the Steelers, but that's only because the game would be played in Pittsburgh.

Imagine that. A Manning Super Bowl week. Seriously, people will turn on them. It could be the first ever Super Bowl to have people rooting for an earthquake so it doesn't happen and therefore no Manning can win. C'mon, with the economy the way it is, how the hell can there even be the opportunity for one family to have the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL (Peyton), the Super Bowl winning quarterback of a football team in the nation's biggest market (Eli Manning), two straight Super Bowl MVPs, and then an unprecedented third-straight family Super Bowl?

It makes me sick to my stomach. Give me a new storyline. Peyton was fine, especially because he had that goofy aw shucks voice and that penchant for looking so determined even as he sunk during playoff loss after playoff loss. That's why it was cool when he won one Super Bowl. It felt like he earned it. But good God, I liked me some Manning back in the day. This is just enough, though.

If you hate (or if you love them, I guess) take a look at this video. It's a look into the future if we let these Mannings control our football league. We could have Manning PSAs all the time.

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