Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oakmont Sounds Like a Haunted House

So while you were busy doing whatever it is you do — whether that's working for some hedge fund, a consulting firm, an investment bank, a lawfirm, or you're just chilling taking some classes — I was talking to big time NBA agents and Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim. And yet it's not even that satisfying because the one person who I thought would be a no brainer to call me back hasn't yet. Gerry Mcnamara, if you are reading this somewhere, please give me a call.

But in all seriousness, I talked to Andy Miller, who might be the second-biggest agent in the NBA these days. He's the guy who negotiated that ridiculous Garnett contract that has hamstrung the TWolves since back in the day. He's also the guy in charge of getting Chauncey Billups a new deal this summer. I say second-biggest because Arn Tellem is legit and has a client list that is pretty absurd. Also, just got off the phone minutes ago with one of the lead guys from Priority Sports. His name was Brad Ames and they represent a ton of players and actually have the second-biggest client list in the NBA these days. For the record, this is all for a story on undrafted free agents that should be appearing in Metro New York any day now.

But onto something that I don't think has ever come up on this here blog: GOLF

Specifically we're talking about the U.S. Open. And even more specifically we're talking Oakmont. Why? Because the people on television that say they know things about golf are all predicting the highest scores in a major...ever! The rough is brutal, the fairways are small and someone on TV compared getting a shot on the green to "getting a golf ball to stop in a bath tub". Now, I'm no bath tub expert, but I'm pretty sure they are all slanted to the point that I could place a golf ball in it and said ball would have zero chance of stopping. In fact the cars in this youtube video have a better shot of stopping on this road than a ball in a bath tub:

-- (For some reason the link thingy isn't showing up so here's the url...must see though)

Phil's hurt too. He hurt his wrist hitting out of the rough practicing at Oakmont a few weeks ago. It's why he pulled out of that tournament a few weeks back. And usually when it comes to golf, the conversation has to veer to Tiger Woods. But something's weird, while everyone acknowledges Tiger's excellence...nobody seems to be predicting him to win the thing. They say his driver is all messed up and that will ultimately doom him, you know, because of those narrow fairways and all. Last time there was a U.S. Open at Oakmont, the Big White Mocha Frappachino, Ernie Els (you know cuz he' white and from the continent of Africa) won it all. But let's be honest with ourselves here, any golf fan knows that Ernie hasn't done shit since...well I can't remember anything besides that U.S. Open that was played down the street from my home in Potomac at Congressional CC where I think he placed top 3.

I'm going to throw a prediction out there that may shock you. Actually it will shock you because I don't think it really makes much sense but I've just got a hunch. He likes running up fairways and being Spanish. Yes, that's right. You heard it here first:

SERGIO GARCIA...just like the commercial (You know Sergio? Sergio!!! And then we all fly on a private jet when Sergio wins at Oakmont. We all know Sergio, of course)

That's the smile of a champ.

Random Stuff
-I hate the Detroit Tigers and I hate Justin Verlander for being good. (are you happy Krauss?)

-I think everyone knows how much I love Skip Bayless and what a great jackass he is, but his whole "I hate Prince James" routine is wearing on me. He keeps bashing LeBron, even after he single handedly got this Cavs team to the Finals. And he keeps comparing him to Michael Jordan because he claims he must because everyone else says he's the next Jordan. Well Skip, right now he's way ahead of MJ. He got by the Pistons by himself, whereas Jordan needed some help from a guy named Scottie. Seriously, if you give the guy an actual coach and one more piece, they are the best team in the East year in and year out and would be able to compete with any Western team. He's that good.

-Jim Boeheim...just as whiny-sounding on the phone as he is on TV.

-People are telling me I'm insane but I am 90 percent sure that when I'm done here in NYC, I will return to Maryland for a few days, road trip 25 hours to Colorado State, spend a few days out there, and then trip it 18 hours to Ann Arbor. Maybe I am insane, but c'mon, I've got one last chance to see the country as a college student.

For some reason the open road is calling my name.

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