Wednesday, June 27, 2007

News and Notes From a Mets Walk Off

Like I said in a previous post, I was at the Mets-Cards game the other night, and was able to see my first ever walk off homerun in person. But I think the more pressing news from the game was who was there. Yes, I'm talking about this blog's favorite sideline reporter: Erin Andrews.

I guess she was there covering the game for ESPN and since I was in the locker rooms of both the Mets and the Cardinals, I got a first hand look at how she operates. And like you'd expect, it involves a lot of touching and a lot of flirting. She definitely knows each and every player in that locker room thinks she's smokin hot and she definitely knows she herself is smokin hot. It's really annoying to be a reporter in the locker room when you have to talk to the same people she does. Normally, I have no problem going up to a player in the middle of an interview with another reporter. It's just part of the locker room scene, everybody understands it. But with her and all the flirting, it just feels awkward going up to interview someone. It's like interrupting a guy hitting on a girl at the bar. Yeah, you could do it, but what if someone else did it to you. You'd be pissed. Well, I also get pissed when I have to wait around to interview guys. Whatever, who am I kidding? She's hot enough to get away with just about anything. And I'll give her this: She can pretty much get any interview she wants.

That is...except postgame interviews. I was cracking up in the press box when I looked down on the field and saw that the SNY (the local cable channel that carries Mets games in NYC) interview guy got to Shawn Green before Erin could. She was forced to stand behind as Green did his first interview with someone else. She looked PISSED! She could have interviewed somebody else, but it just wouldn't make sense given the situation (a 2-1 extra inning win with a walk off by Green). Maybe it was a sign that women reporters shouldn't flirt to get their way. I bet it wasn't though. I bet it was because of her heels, couldn't move as quick.

Too good for Erin.

Other Stuff
-Speaking of Green, I talked to him before the game because I'm working on this feature about torn labrums and he had one a few years back and seems to have recovered relatively well. Seemed like a pretty nice guy, and maybe my interview was the reason for his bomb in extras.

-After the game, I had to do a small article about Mets pitcher Jorge Sosa. It was funny because I was talking to him before I started interviewing him and he was speaking pretty solid English. But as soon as I broke out the recorder he immediately called over some translator and answered his questions in Spanish. I just smirked and laughed inside. And if you didn't know, Sosa was a Cardinal last year and was left off their World Series roster. So he got a ring but didn't actually do anything during the playoffs. So of course I asked him if that was extra motivation. And of course I knew it was, but of course Sosa said "it was just another game". Well when I wrote the article, I called him on that bullshit because I got Paul Lo Duca to admit that he was extra juiced (not in the steroid way) during the game. In your face Jorge Sosa.

- Cardinals closer Jason Isringhausen was wearing this sweet shirt that said "I dry hump" on it in Cardinal red. I asked him about it and he said it was about a guy on the team but he didn't want to say who.

-I'll be completely honest: The Cards locker room is boring. There was very little joking around, although it did seem like everyone was businesslike. But compared to the Phillies and the Mets, it was pretty quiet.

-My favorite author, John Feinstein, was randomly at the game the other night. He's written a whole bunch of those year in the life books about various sports. He's also written for the New York Times and the Washington Post. So of course I had to start up a random convo with him, and we exchanged e mails. Just another connection along the road. The book below by him is actually the main reason why I wanted to do journalism.

Great book that follows around all the ACC teams during the regular season.

-I really cannot believe all of this Chris Benoit stuff. The Cerebral Assasin just didn't strike me as the type of guy to ever do that. And I was reading this chat by Bill Simmons and he was talking about how he just doesn't know how the WWE is going to recover from this. They already made the mistake of running a 3-hour Chris Benoit tribute on Monday night before the facts had come out and it just shines a light on the absurd amount of deaths in wrestling. The spotlight is going to be on WWE again, but if there's one company that can make it through it's WWE. They've pretty much been dealing with scandals for 25 years now.

-I went to pick up my NBA Draft credential at the Garden today and got a little sneak peek at the set. I really wanted someone else to be there with me so I could get a picture of me standing at David Stern's podium. What's funny is that the best shot any Michigan player has of getting drafted this year is with me on that podium. I'm kind if curious to see which ones get signed to a summer league team. My guess is Dion Harris and Courtney Sims go to a summer league team and then get cut. I say Courtney simply because someone will take the bait on him because he's tall. I see Europe for Petway, definitely with that dunking ability. And Lester, well maybe Europe, but I could see him CBAing it.

I was supposed to go to this predraft interview stuff with a bunch of the draft hopefuls today, but I had some cell phone issues I had to take care of. I'll definitely be doing some extensive Draft stuff on here in the next couple day seeing as I'm going to be there tomorrow night.

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