Friday, December 22, 2006

Doug Collins did what?

I'm back in Maryland for winter break after crushing the Ann Arbor-Potomac drive in just 7 hours 15 minutes. That's a new record for me. Last night, the board met in the basement for several hours. While down there, we got to catch a majority of the Wizards big win over the Kings. Since the game was on TNT we also got the distinct privelege of hearing Doug Collins' call of the game. But it was nearly impossible to listen to him after you caught a glimpse of his unsightly hair dye job. Literally, the man's hair is the same color as a school bus now. It's that yellow. So now, not only is Dougie a terrible basketball coach, he now looks like a human banana. Whoever told him he looked good with the yellow dye job should not be working for TNT anymore. I mean, seriously, how is let on the air looking like that?

You need to be more confident in the aging process, Dougie

As for the actual game, the Wizards were the typical Wizards: Dynamic on offense and subpar on defense. But against a team like the Kings that works. The Wiz kids were actually down by 6 at halftime, but then put up 44 in the third quarter and put the game away essentially. When Gilbert, Antawn, and Caron are hitting shots, there isn't a defense in the league that can shut them down. The team is now 13-12 and sitting in a nice position within the weak Eastern Conference. I really think this team has a shot at going places this season. If the Wiz somehow beat the Suns tonight and go 3-1 on this little western road trip, it'll be time to start getting excited about this team.

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