Thursday, October 12, 2006

Should be a sick weekend of football

I will be leaving for State College, PA tomorrow morning, as I follow the now 6-0 Michigan Wolverines on their journey to Penn State. It's definitely going to be a tough game, no doubt about that. But it better be a Michigan win considering I paid 150 bucks for a ticket. It looks like a complete role reversal from last year's Michigan-PSU classic, where the NIttany Lions lost star wide receiever Derrick Williams to injury early on. This year, Michigan's star receiver, Mario Manningham is out. Also, last year the Lions came in undefeated just like Big Blue this year. But the one key difference between this year's game and last year's was that last season, despite how disappointing they were, Michigan had the better talent than PSU. And it's the same this year. Penn State just doesn't have the personnel to compete. Hopefully, Chad Henne will not do anything to lose us the game, because I'm pretty sure the Penn State offense won't be able to move on our D. Michigan is only allowing 40 yards per game rushing, and I expect that to continue. They are going to force Anthony Morelli to win the game himself, and I just don't see that happening.

From Penn State, I will be driving back to Maryland in order to catch the Redskins-Titans game. It's obviously a must win for the 2-3 Skins, seeing as they are facing an 0-5 team at home. A loss here ends any mention of playoff talk. And honestly, I think this team realizes how important this one is, seeing as a trip to Indy looms large next week. I will be sporting the Cooley jersey at the game like I did for the Jacksonville game. For some reason, I switched it up for the Giants game and went with one of my Skins long sleeves, but obviously that was a huge mistake. The goal for the weekend is to go 2-0.

Go Blue
Go Skins

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