Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall Break

I'm writing to you from the familiar surrounndings of my computer room in my house in Potomac, MD. It was a pretty eventful weekend so let me break it down for you.

Me and Kovel ventured down to State College, PA on Friday afternoon, so we could watch Big Blue play the Nittany Lions. Matt came up from College Park for the weekend too. On Friday night me, Matt and Jeremy went out on the town. State College is a pretty sweet little college town, but it's a bit too spread out for me. And by the way, this needs to be said: Jeremy, you can do way better than that rebound girl.

The game at Beaver Stadium was awesome especially since Michigan won and went to 7-0. I definitely thought Beaver Stadium was real loud, but I think it shouldn't count because of all the artificial noise in the stadium. A real college football team, like Michigan, and a real college football stadium, like the Big House, only have the noise of the crowd and the marching band. And that roar of the Nittany Lion before every big play is the most redundant stadium noise since Fedex Field used to play 'Who Let the Dogs Out' after every other play.

I then drove home at 230am and got back to Maryland at 530am. I did all of this in order to catch the Skins game at 1pm on Sunday. And I get rewarded for doing so by getting to watch us lose to the Titans at home. That was a sorry excuse for a football team out there. They had no energy, and they got rightfully booed. They gave up 178 yards to Travis Henry when Vince Young doesn't even know how to throw. Watching the game live, it was apparent how many times Young overthrew receivers. Yet Travis Henry had 178 YARDS! I've always trusted Gibbs, but the defense and offense look out of whack. Because the team's defense is subpar this season, they shouldn't be doing all this passing and cute stuff. They should be pounding the ball down the gut every play and running clock. They have five running backs that can do it. Portis, Betts, Sellers, Duckett, and even Cartwright if necessary.

And don't let this signing of Troy Vincent fool you. He's like an older version of Mike Rumph these days. I know what this secondary needs. They need to get Darrell Green back in uniform. After watching that debacle of a game, something needs to be done.

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