Friday, September 08, 2006

It's good to have football back

Had a little mixer at Touchdown's last night, but it took a lot for me to actually show up for it. My face was glued to the Steelers-Dolphins game which was the kickoff for the 2006 season. I think the NFL is the only league in which I could watch any regular season game and be interested, even if it isn't the Redskins. And at TDs I continued to keep an eye on the game. And I also looked at my good friend Dan watching the same game. He happens to be from Pittsburgh and is a legit Steelers fan. And as he watched the Pittsburgh defense bring the Steelers back and eventually take the lead for good, this kid was going nuts. Steeler Dan was yelling, fistpumping, jumping around, and just in general going insane. But that's what makes the NFL and college football what they are. The fans are so passionate, that it's unbelievable. I know my friends from home can talk about how insane I used to look at Battey's house just a few falls ago. You don't see this type of tenacity for, say the Pirates, or the Devil Rays, or the Tigers. I cannot wait for Monday night when the Skins take the field (w/o CPort and Springs) and try to annihilate the Vikes. I'll be sporting my Cooley jersey for opening night. We'll see how it goes because last year when the Skins went on their six-game win streak at the end of the year, I was rockin the Lavar jersey. But I just felt that was totally inappropriate considering he's been lambasting our organization lately. Let's hope the Cooley thing works out.

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